Ao Dai

Ao Dai

The Vietnamese began wearing ao dais in 1744. Fast-forward to the 21st century and not much has changed except for some slight modifications around 1920s. This present day two-piece long silhouette mirrors a predilection to its 18th century origins.

Modernism, with its strong impact on the young generation, successively creates a cultural shift with their new waves… and the tides are definitely high when it comes to fashion. It has evolved the way we dress and the old traditional costumes are no longer being worn. Traces of the old styles can only be seen in some vintage inspired pieces.

Although modern Vietnamese fashion has a lot of western influence, with the western outfits being adopted in a daily basis, you can still see ao dais being worn today at work and during significant occasions. This reflects a blend of modernism and traditionalism in modern day Vietnam.

There is something about nurturing the old tradition that’s fascinating,..perhaps it’s associated with an utmost respect to a culture to be able to adhere to it for centuries.


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