Let there be light!

Let there be light!

This light in one of the caves in Halong Bay reminded me of Vietnam’s darkest hours until a light pierced through the darkness.

The country’s strength eroded by decades of turmoil! Its 5,000 years of beautiful history overshadowed by strife! The world saw despondency as its countenance.

Ultimately, they had to walk towards the light during those dark hours of life. Moving on with an illuminated path brought them far away from a static reality.

This is one of the stories of remarkable things that usually takes place when the light was allowed to shine through.

Today, the war is just a trapped reflection of the bygone days, with its remnants in museums and small underground tunnels one of their tourist attractions. Indeed, with a young population comprising of 80% under the age of 40, the war is yesterday’s story. Its economic program “doi moi” in 1980s was a downright realignment with their goals, thenceforth making it one of the fast-growing economies in the world.


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