Brothers Vs. Brothers


Though sixty summers have come and gone since the Korean War ended, conflict still hovers around them. Peace and unity seem a distant memory, a memory that chants in dramatic bereavement. 

Every story of war is a story of sorrow… and a war where a brother is made to fight a brother, friend against a friend, is a story of such deep sorrow.

This emotional scene of the Statue of Brothers at the War Memorial showing an ROK soldier desperately embracing his brother, a North Korean soldier,  when they saw each other in a battlefield,  goes beyond the ugly consequences of this fratricidal war.  It shows that love is deeper than the depths of this madness.

I hope that someday, notwithstanding the level of impossibility, this beautiful place will find peace again… for in the grace of the circle of life, strife, with all its destructive powers, shall not master over love.


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