Democracy For South Korea

On July 11, 1953, an armistice for the restoration of the South Korean State was signed here in Panmunjeom,  known as the “truce village”, located just 55 km north of Seoul, in the Demilitarized Zone. A line not far from the 38th Parallel divides Korea into communist-controlled North Korea and democracy-dominated South Korea.


The two armies stand face to face on a daily basis ever since the end of the Korean War in 1953.  At building corners, ROK soldiers position half exposed to the North Korean side and half covered by the building. This shows they’re prepared to take cover if a fight breaks out, while being ready to fight at the same time. They’re doing a power stance to show determination, strength and commitment.


This is inside the blue building, the conference room where the Military Armistice Commission meeting had been held.  The flag shows the demarcation line running down the center table, dividing the table into the North & South sides.


The ROK soldiers positioned here are all black belters and on a Taekwondo stance position – tightly clenched fists, straight back and legs wide apart.


The UN General Assembly had a lengthy deliberation about the peace agreement.   With the clarity of purpose,  it had secured a compromise with the communists, the armistice which was a cease-fire agreement was signed, to give South Korea its freedom.


Going inside Panmunjeom requires a passport and only with a tour group. There is a dress code and other strict rules to follow.


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