It’s a delight to see, smell and most especially, taste the colorful array of Korean cuisine!Korean Cuisine 2

Thousands of eateries around Seoul, from food stalls to traditional Korean restaurants with low tables and low cushions or those with regular tables and chairs, reflect Koreans love for food.

While you wait for meat to acquire those lovely charred marks, the smoke and little sizzling sound make the dining experience fun. There are choices of marinated samgyeopsal (bacon), bulgogi (beef), galbi (beef ribs), dak (chicken), and seafood.

Korean Cuisine 3

Korean meal means an abundance of Banchan or side dishes and you can request for a refill! Korean Food 4

Korean Street FoodStreet Food Korea

Such interesting food tidbits almost everywhere!Korean Street Food 2


28 Comments on “FOOD FOR THE SENSES

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  2. The first time I tasted Korean food was back in the ’60s [yes, dinosaur days!] at the NY World’s Fair and loved it.

    • It must be a great delight having Korean pancakes, galbi, kimchi, bibimbap, etc. during those times. I guess like other cuisines, Korean cuisine has also evolved through the changing times but the basic ingredients and presentation of their traditional and classic dishes remain.

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  4. I love Korean food! Your photos make me crave kim chee and spicy tofu soup 🙂

  5. This Korean food looks delicious! Several years ago a Korean college student lived with us for 4 months (in Alaska). He loved to cook, and we had fun trying to recreate some of his favorite foods with the ingredients available in Alaska!
    Thanks a lot for liking my blog.

    • You’re welcome and thanks a lot too! Sizzling and steaming Korean soup, beef stew, galbi, samgyupsal, bulgogi, and bibimbap are perfect for cold days. 🙂

  6. All this food looks delicious! A college exchange student from Korea lived with us for a few months, and fortunately for us he loved to cook and shared many tasty dishes with us!
    Thanks for liking my blog!

  7. Thank you for finding my blog…this means I’ve found yours and some amazing looking posts re South Korea where I’m going next June….I’m an Asia novice and rather quite nervous about proper traveling (I’m a pre booked luxury hotel and air conditioned coach kind of traveller!) so I plan on doing plenty of research. I’ve bookmarked these posts and can’t wait to sit down and read all at the weekend!

    • You’re welcome and thank you very much too! Have a safe and great journey to South Korea! It too, has a compelling history with lots of historical sites. I hope you can go to Panmunjom, the “truce village” located in the Joint Security Area which is the Demilitarized Zone where North Koreans & South Koreans stand face to face on a daily basis.

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