Enoshima, A Sacred Site


Ancient Japan’s spirituality was in reverence with nature mysticism, where the forces of nature were seen as spirits…and this evolved into a religion called Shinto. Nature was the heart of their spirituality and culture. Even their shrines and temples were placed according to its natural landforms.

Buddhism, which came from India, made its way to China, then Korea and became widespread in Japan around fifth century but was officially admitted by the imperial court in sixth century. Zen Buddhism,  which emphasized on enlightenment through meditation and koan study, emerged in the year 1200. The Zen teachings and aesthetics instilled simplicity, discipline and artistic insights… a way of life carried on by contemporary Japanese people.

This is Enoshima Shrine in the center of the island  which enshrines Benzaiten Goddess, a goddess of peace and fortune during the Edo Period.P1120495

A  cute vintage Enoshima Electric Railway known as Enoden, with  100 years of history,  will take you from central Tokyo to Enoshima  in about an hour while enjoying the picturesque countryside and coastline sceneries. P1120447

Enoshima, a tiny island, 4 km in circumference and .037 km2 in area, with its beckoning bright sea, distinct shape  and glowing forested hill!  This is a historical scenic place with cultural assets designated by Kanagawa Perfecture  and Fujisawa City which offers, aside from the temples and shrines,  a variety of interesting attractions such as an aquarium, Iwaya Caves, Shonan Beach, island spa, a botanical garden, lighthouse, and a 60 meter high observation tower which allows a  360 degree panorama view centered  around Shonan, such as Miura Peninsula  to the southeast, Izu-oshima Island to the south then Mt. Fuji and Hakone mountains to the west .P1120472

The island is connected to the mainland by bridge.P1120475

Going around this quaint little island is a refreshing way to experience rural Japan. Slow rhythms and rich natural environment captivate people seeking refuge from a busy world.  It can only be leisurely explored on foot. The place is pretty crowded during weekends.P1120465

Some cute scenes around the island.P1120513P1120474P1120484

The observation deck allows another good view of the yacht harbor and surrounding mountains.P1120502

There is an abundance of fresh seafood  here and restaurants offer a variety of great dishes. P1120468

You can have that great assorted mix of fresh-caught seafood dishes and vegetables with a great alfresco atmosphere! P1120523

It’s time to go back to Enoshima Station and once again take the retro train while enjoying the beautiful seashores, tunnels and villages on a 10 kilometer  ride to another historic site, Kamakura.


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