A walk through more than two and a half thousand years of history.

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“All roads lead to Rome.” I’ve heard of this cliché since I was a child. I’ve heard and thought about Rome’s history extensively…and read about it, trying to seek to understand what shaped the characters of those who helped built such a colossal empire and its citizens who were proud to say “Civis Romanus sum!” So drawn by not a mere smidgen of curiosity, I stepped into the portal of the past. The place has kept history and the great works of art alive, giving us a chance to see these at every turn!

As I walked around amidst the crowd, explored the veritable living museums, stood in the middle of the magnificent remnants and gazed in awe, I thought of the strength and intellectual frameworks from which it was built that they had so profoundly influenced the world for generations!

Rome was just a small town on the seven small hills along the Tiber River but expanded to millions of square miles… from Britain to Arabia! It’s a historic phenomenon showing the power of humanity to rise from a humble beginning to ultimately becoming one of the largest empires in world history!

Dark claws must have molded some mean pursuits …but they must have possessed greater intangible qualities… weighty, sober, monumental, enduring! As reflected by the words of their greatest minds, it’s their high respect for strength, discipline, tenacity, loyalty, and history. Virgil, one of its great writers, captured Rome’s profundity in his words: “Fortune sides with him who dares.”; Cicero, its great philosopher wrote “Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”.

We might think that its evolution was too melodramatic to ring true…but it’s unbelievably real – from the time it established a republic in 509 B.C…. to the time it reached its greatest extent in 117 A.D…. to the time Pax Romana ended in 180 A.D….to its division in the 3rd century…to its ultimate end in 1453.


10 Comments on “A walk through more than two and a half thousand years of history.

  1. It is also very impressive to see the many architectural wonders built by the early Romans in the far corners of their empire – in Ephesus, Arles, Caceras.

    • It’s amazing how much ingenuity went into their magnificent amphitheaters, cathedrals and other structures with domes and arches!

    • It’s incredible how the Romans were able to build such a great empire…and with its architecture and ruins around the city, Rome respectfully nods to the past.

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