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I am an entrepreneur who loves to travel…and this led me to interesting insights into different races, places and cultures. With a point-and-shoot camera, I walk across the earth seizing the glorious moments - in the midst of beautiful creatures, greens, concrete, or steel...and under the blue, orange, purple, gray or the moonlit and glittering sky. There seems to be an infinite number of amazing places on earth…and there is a colorful history in the makeup of each place. So I try to know a little history about the places I visit to bring more depth and dimensions to my travels. I admire beautiful minds who can cast light on the vague corners of my mind and beautiful hearts who carry sincerity in their deeds. My views are eclectic without eroding fairness and balances… even if they’re antithetic from the societal milieu. In the midst of life’s moving realities, I try to gravitate towards a steady base. As I breathe in the beauty of life, there is that experience of something profoundly personal… I am enriched by an inner peace and joy. Perhaps this is the prize of appreciating the gift of living…and this is the way I want to tell my stories.

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