Japanese Food

  It’s amazing how the Japanese, skilled in the arts, technology and trade, had also mastered the art of food dynamics. Japanese cuisine is reflective of a resolute quest for perfection: the ingredients are of high quality; layers of flavors are created without using too many spices thus emphasizing the natural goodness of the ingredients; the food presentation is a work of art, emphasizing on the natural beauty of the ingredients. There is a harmonious balance of texture, color, shape, and flavor. Advertisements

Tsukiji Market

After going around Tsukiji Fish and Seafood Market, I was able to say “No wonder Japan is a foodie’s paradise! It has a stable supply of top-notch ingredients to the people who take quality so seriously!”.


It’s a delight to see, smell and most especially, taste the colorful array of Korean cuisine!

Authentic Vietnamese Pho

A trip to Vietnam is not complete without having this Pho which has been their most popular cuisine since the late 19th century.

Vietnamese Pancake

Such exotic freshness in an ensemble of herbs wrapped in rice paper prepared in front of you at Quan An Ngon Restaurant.

Quan An Ngon Restaurant

This is always overflowing with locals and tourists and is ranked number 15 of 747 restaurants in Hanoi. This is another French colonial building with a big courtyard. They serve real good Vietnamese food like Vietnamese Pancake, Steamed Roll Cake, Papaya Salad, Spring Rolls, and Sweet Tea.

Dangerously Delicious

Tender, fragrant, flavorful, Madame Hien-style. Begging to be consumed with rice!

Vietnamese cuisine for lunch!

After an interesting walk around the Old Quarter, it’s time to have lunch at Madame Hien, a restaurant of Didier Corlou who is a French chef with 5 Stars Diamond Award and the most celebrated chef in Vietnam. This is a French colonial building designed by the architect of the famous Hanoi Opera House.

Appetite Appeal

A tasty food, with good presentation, means luxury. Bobby Chinn’s Restaurant

Small Bites

This sets the momentum of the succeeding heavy dishes.