The End of the Roman Republic and the Beginning of the Roman Empire

“Veni, vidi, vici!” Julius Caesar must have uttered these words with such passion and intensity after crushing a rebellion. Born in July 12, 100 BC, this brilliant Roman general, politician, speaker, and writer hailed from a notable lineage. His father, Gaius Julius Caesar, was a senator, quaestor, praetor, and governor in Asia. His mother, Aurelia Cotta, was a daughter of a senator, consul and military commander. Certainly, his father, who died when Caesar was only 15, must have presented to him a series of political allusions…and coming from one of the oldest… Read More

True Happiness

Such a peaceful bliss from this lovely sky as the the dazzling light from above reminds me of life’s blessings. Today is International Happiness Day! May the seed of happiness be planted in your core, so you can flourish from within outward.

Heart in Soil

A farmer at work with his carabao or water buffalo as the dusk sets in! I gazed at this awesome sight , wandering in my wistful thoughts. A farmer lives a simple but beautiful life. He works with the earth, heart in the soil. The fruits of his labor are the food on our table. A country’s geography says a lot about its history, development and character. The Philippines is blessed with a fertile soil. It has more than 9 million hectares of agricultural land, which is 32% of the total land… Read More

Glowing Skyline

Long trips can be tiring but it’s a delight to see scenic spots interspersed along a countryside stretch. I had to make a stop here, on my way back to Manila from an out-of-town business trip. It was exhilarating to have a gentle breathing and smell the fresh air while the horizon was infused with the breathtaking sundown hues.

Cozy Dining at Bobby Chinn’s Restaurant, Hanoi

Bobby Chinn is one of the most celebrated chefs in Asia. He is not only a culinary expert…he has humor and creativity as reflected in his food, décor and funny messages on the menu which comes with a magnifying glass and a flashlight.

A Moment of Enchantment

An enchanting scene in Ayutthaya, Thailand.